Creative Thinker.

Problem Solver.

People Connector.


I have eleven years design experience in addition to an academic year of teaching a diploma in Graphic Design at the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology (Tauranga, Bay of Plenty) during my time in New Zealand. My passion for design coupled with a desire to communicate the right message in an engaging manner is what motivates me to achieve the best on every brief.

With an original love for print which will always be there, I’m shifting more focus on digital. As a side UX/UI project, I have co-founded a UX Mentoring platform – Candles. Currently, we run a Slack group with over 3,500 individuals and this summer we intend to launch a completely free online UX Mentoring platform for Londoners. Along with some of the great members of this community, I offer as much Design mentoring as time allows, I’m a huge believer in sharing knowledge and paying it forward.

I’m an advocate of always sharing ideas. Recently I’ve been enthusiastically sharing a plethora of quotes from The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman — for me, this exemplifies critical design thinking in a time where design is needed on a deeper level to solve everyday design problems.

I have a keen interest in following the latest technology news, world cinema, photography and avant-garde music. This informs my thought process, which ensures that each project is special in its own right, and also sparks many interesting conversations!