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I’ve always been a fan of science, and although it’s been a while since I’ve picked up a copy, there was once a time where I used to read New Scientist on a regular basis. Coming from the perspective of a graphic designer, I used to always dream up visuals for every “concept” that was featured in this inspirational weekly.

Sugru, is this amazing new air-curing rubber that can be formed by hand. Created by Jane ni Dhulchaointigh, along with other materials scientists, it is unique in a combination of hand-formability, self-adhesion and flexibility when cured. It feels like modelling clay, and it’s that easy to use too. Once cured, its durable properties mean it’s comfortable in extreme environments from the dishwasher to the ocean to Antarctica.

Imagine the possibilities with this wonder dough! From custom mouse buttons, to cable repairs, to Olympic archery, and even making taps safe for kids.

This is on the wish list! The question is, how much shall I order?

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  1. Posted on October 18, 2012 by Liam

    This stuff looks amazing! I can think of so many times that I could have really used this. When I’m off working in the forest, I need to pack a very small toolkit that will allow me to (attempt to) fix things. But I never know what might need fixing, so selecting the toolkit is tricky. This stuff looks so versatile, it could sort out thousands of little crises. It’s definitely going in my toolkit.

    P.S. Great blog Tabrez

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